Premier Billiard Leagues, powered by FargoRate, have now launched the new League Management System!

The Premier Billiard Leagues (PBL) is pleased to announce our partnership with FargoRate to bring our members the most accurate pool-player rating system in the world! FargoRate computes worldwide pool-player ratings by coupling game win/loss data from leagues, tournaments, and select challenge matches around the globe. Unlike any other system ever developed, it rates players everywhere on the same scale and solves many of the handicapping problems we face today.

Our local PBL office has been working: dutifully, diligently, and at times, exhaustively for the last 3 months with the: National Office, Fargo Rate innovator Mike Page, and (L)eague (M)anagement (S)ystems programmers/developers to bring you this new state-of-the-art league management system! This will give our league the ability to accurately rate all members and fairly match team competition, while giving you detailed stats on Team and Individual Player performances. The system and live stats are published here!

What exactly is FargoRate?

FargoRate LLC is a US limited liability company that works in conjunction with CSI (Cue Sports International) to develop and maintain a live, robust system of pocket-billiard player ratings that rate amateur and professional players worldwide on the same scale.

FargoRate computes worldwide pocket-billiard player ratings called Fargo Ratings. By coupling game win/loss data across local leagues, regions, countries, and continents, FargoRate rates players everywhere on the same scale.

Fargo Ratings are as useful for handicapping a small-town league as they are determining top players by country.

Provides Consistent Ratings Worldwide

One of the largest deficiencies in amateur and professional pool has been the lack of a universal rating system. Some regions use a number system (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.) while others use a letter system (C, B, A, AA, etc.). Many national organizations, including us, have used labels such as Master, Advanced, Open, etc. Therefore, a player may be rated a “7” in his or her local league, a “B” at the state tournament, and “Open” at the national championships. This is inconsistent and confusing. Even when two regions use the same scheme, they are rarely consistent. For example, a “B” rating in Kansas is likely not the same as a “B” in New York or Chicago. This problem is now solved.

A Fargo Rating of 620 means the same thing in Halifax, Nova Scotia as it does in Christchurch, New Zealand as it does in Phoenix, Arizona.

Saves Time & Money

Many regions and organizations use personal judgment or rating committees to determine ratings but they are problematic. When a person or group evaluates players and assigns ratings, politics, arguments, and favoritism usually results. Stronger players lobby to not be raised while lower-skilled players demand it. Aside from the politics, rating players in this manner is often a tremendous waste of time and money because committees are often comprised of people spread over wide distances that must meet on a regular basis. This can now be avoided.

Defines a Fair Match

Accurately handicapping pool tournaments and leagues is one of the most difficult tasks for league operators and tournament directors and causes the most complaints. Most players will accept a fair handicap but without an accurate rating system, it’s nearly impossible to do. We have all seen the consequences of this; weaker players spotting stronger ones or stronger players easily winning every match because the handicaps do not give weaker players enough of a chance. Using FargoRate, handicaps can now be set much more accurately to provide a better experience for more players.

Defines Amateur & Pro

What exactly is a professional pool player? How does one obtain that status? You have likely heard many opinions on these questions. Some may say a pro is someone who earns more than 50% of his or her income playing pool. Others may say a pro is someone who finishes high in one or more significant events. In reality, there is no clear definition. One negative consequence of this is that sometimes, lesser known professional level players are permitted to enter amateur events. This too can now be resolved.

How exactly do they come up with these Fargo Ratings? Click-here to find out more!

Not sure you understand what a FargoRate means? How might you compare to a player from another, more familiar, system of handicapping? Click-here to learn more!

As always, we wish to thank our ongoing relationship with sponsors Simonis Cloth & Aramith Billiard Balls for their support!

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